The official tabletop card game based on the hit comic book, SQUARRIORS.

In Squarriors the Card Game, you control a tribe of woodland creatures engaging in violence, betrayal, and intrigue. Squarriors has no deck of cards to draw from; all of your cards start in play or in your hand. Squarriors offers many different ways to attack or undermine your opponent, including:

Stealth Attacks:

Use your spies and assassins to infiltrate the enemy and kill high valued targets.

Manipulation Attacks:

Use cunning and persuasion to convince creatures of another tribe to join you.

Dominance Attacks:

Send in a full army to demolish your enemy.

Leadership Challenges:

Weaken your opponent’s Morale, Influence, or Discipline through grand displays of leadership and will.

Strategy Chains:

After you play a card, add it to a strategy chain and build deep, complex strategies that can strengthen your tribe and annihilate your enemy!


Build your tribe.
Focus your strategy.

Game Contents:
224 cards, 32 counters, 4 dice, and 1 countdown die.